Code Snippets

Mobile / Tablet

Video / API information addition.
Toyota Tablet
Custom Toyota page, landscape and portrait.
HSN Gift Store
Gift Store tablet page, resizeable spacer image function.
HSN Mobile UI
HSN Mobile re-design proposal.
Mobile Examples
Handset, Tablet, and Mass Relevance pages.
HSN Grid Page update
Updated controlgroup buttons within solution.

Websites and Interfaces

Superior Pharmacy
Clean website created off twitter bootstrap framework.
Creative Steam
An entire User interface for an eCommerce website.
Utopic Studios
Database driven PHP / MySql website featuring hundreds of artists.
Code Examples
Random pieces of code and some small projects.


Block Game
Object oriented javascript - create units and attack an opponent.
Mod Creator
Creates snippets of HTML code using jquery for end users.
Carousel Creator
Creates a specified amount of columns, and transforms to HTML.
Tampa Mini-map
Custom minimap functionality - add turrets, through Ajax.
Email Creator
User interface / tool for a user to create html emails.

User Experience Examples & Research